Creative Health Media

Empowering patients through education

Our Mission

Leverage technology to tackle the growing epidemic of Kidney disease by empowering patients through digital education.

How we do it

  • We are a healthcare innovative patient education that is engaging and empowering.
  • Our proprietary content is based on Motivation learning theory ensuring that all of our programs are effective and activate positive behavioral change.
  • Our holistic approach to education includes additional resources on nutrition, physical activity, and lifestyle management.

Kidney Disease Burdens Our Society

30 Million people suffer from Kidney Disease.

$100 Billion Dollars spent by Medicare on Kidney Disease.

92% People didn't know they had stage 3 CKD.

Our Past Success Stories

CKD education program resulted in 78% starting dialysis with permanent access.

CKD education program resulted in 25% transitioning to peritoneal dialysis.

36% patients chose PD after predialysis education by bedside.

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